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Forg Trading Company with more than four decades of experience in the import and export of construction, industrial, installation, horticultural and agricultural equipment. During these years, it has exchanged views with reputable European and Asian manufacturers and has imported products and technical knowledge in line with the needs of the country. Pursuing the latest knowledge and technology in the world in supplying the country’s supplies is one of the company’s goals. From now on, Forge Trading Company will take steps in parallel with the above goals to obtain the satisfaction of industrial and domestic customers.

free consultation

Forge Trading Company, by forming a professional sales team, has made it possible for you to receive advice and guidance in choosing goods completely free of charge from our sales experts before purchasing.

More than four decades of experience

Forge Trading Company has more than fourteen years of experience in the electric motor, electromotive, home pumps, sludge, submersible, pressure sources and circulator pumps.


Delivery of goods in Forge Trading Company is in person at the company's warehouse door or in person (sending cargo by freight, terminal, aircraft, etc.)